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HR Licence

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Requirements as specified in Heavy Vehicle Drivers Handbook — HR licence. To drive any rigid vehicle with a GVM of more than 8t. Any towed trailer must not weigh more than 9t GVM. Also includes articulated buses. Three axle vehicle with GVM over 15 tonnes. Minimum age 19 years and must have held a drivers licence, or equivalent, for two years.
Driving School Requirements
  • Applicant must meet assessor at previously arranged and confirmed place.
  • 24 hours notice of cancelation or 50% of fees will be charged.
  • Appropriate footwear must be worn.
  • Must not be affected by alcohol or drugs (if prescribed – check with your doctor or pharmacist).
Licence Upgrade with Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment Licensing System
Course Outline
    • The course outline is for Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment (HVCBA). Under HVCBA you will be trained to a curriculum to make you more professional in the following areas:

    • Basic Driving Skills
    • Apply Road Rules
    • Safe Driving
    • Drive in Traffic
    • Open Road
    • Manoeuvres
    • Bus stop
    • Load restraints
    • Vehicles Loaded to 75% of their capacity (when trained in truck)
    • The HVCBA system has been operating in NSW since February 1995.
    • The system is designed to address not only the manipulative skills of driving a Heavy Vehicle but also Observation, Anticipation and Attitudes. There are Criteria’s which require the Pre and Post Departure Checks, Bus Stop and Reversing Manoeuvres.
How the system works
      • The operators must pass the Knowledge test at any Service NSW registry, purchase the HVCBA Log Book and the Guide.
      • Apply for Unique Student Identifier (USI) number at:
      • All Professional driving school’s assessor will train the applicants to the system. When they are up to the required skills they will be assessed by assessor. When they are competent, the assessor will sign them off. If not competent yet they will only be trained in the areas that they are not competent in. For the purpose of Final Competency Assessment (FCA), another assessor, not the same who has signed off other competencies, will be assessing the applicant.
      • From 1 September 2015, the new scheme’s condition requires the assessor who conducts an applicant’s assessment to be independent of the trainer/assessor delivering the training to ensure greater integrity of the HVCBA licensing system. Some exemptions apply.
      • A video camera must be in operation inside the cabin of the heavy vehicle during the FCA/CT in order to capture and record the on road assessment.
      • Please note that the intention is not to replace the physical audit process but to introduce an
        additional audit method for ensuring compliance to TfNSW requirements.
      • After the applicant has completed the HVCBA course and has been issued with Certificate of Attendance, you go to Service NSW to be issued with an upgraded licence.
      • The cost for training is $120.00 per hour in applicants supplied vehicle.
      • Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment is difficult to quote due to the individual operators varied skills.
      • The average amount of lessons is 14 -16 hours. These are people with manual car experience when training taking place in manual vehicle.
      • Some of the Criteria’s we can conduct in a group training which can cut the costs. At the end of the training you will be a Professional Driver who will have the correct skills to operate a Heavy Vehicle on today’s roads.
      • All fees are subject to increase without notice, please check with our office.